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Kortho Hot QuickCoders from Easyprint Australia Pty Ltd are flexible high speed coding systems that allow users to make a perfect print on moving products in any industrial environment.  

The Kortho Hot QuickCoder offers the perfect solution for a variety of applications and can be used on almost any material and surface.  

Capable of printing up to three lines of text in a maximum print area of 12mm x 24mm, these industrial coders feature a unique printhead that can make a perfect print on moving products.  

Key features of Kortho Hot QuickCoders

  • Coding on continuous moving products or packaging film with the unique butterfly touch jumping head
  • Instant drying, sharp and clear print results on almost any material by proven solid ink technology
  • High speed printing up to 300 per minute at a maximum speed of 60 metres per minute
  • Clean and maintenance-free in operation
  • No special training required
  • Text changeable in seconds by prepared interchangeable textholder
  • No waiting on a new inkroll to heat up after change: a second inkroll is always on standby in the incorporated pre-heating unit
  • Small dimensions, no mounting restrictions and heavy duty, industrial design
  • Hot inkrolls available in six-pack with black, white, yellow, red, blue, green and brown colours

The Kortho Hot QuickCoder is suitable for applying small text such as date coding and/or price coding in a high-speed packaging process.

The special Kortho Hot inkroll gives instant dry, sharp and clear printing results on porous or non-porous surfaces. These industrial coding systems can be used on diverse surfaces such as film, paper, glass, plastic, metal or cardboard among others.

Fixed text or separate characters can be placed on the interchangeable textplates. The textplates can be exchanged within seconds. Korthofah’s own design department helps to develop the best solution for every coding requirement according to the customer’s specifications.

Kortho Hot QuickCoder requires very little maintenance and is simple to operate. Built completely from corrosion-free materials, the Kortho Hot QuickCoder meets all industrial requirements and guarantees economical functioning during a long operational life.

The Kortho Hot QuickCoder control box fits perfectly in any modern environment consisting of PLC and computer controlled packaging machines. The microprocessor controlled control box can be programmed optionally with customised software.

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