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HM Linerfree Labellers from Easyprint Australia

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Easyprint Australia Pty Ltd  supplies a range of environment-friendly and cost-saving labelling systems designed for use with labels delivered in rolls without back-paper layers.

HM Linerfree labellers eliminate the problem of silicone waste and save the business several tonnes of back paper on a yearly basis. 60 per cent more paper on the same roll diameter reduces roll change and production stop. These labellers are extremely dependable, efficient and easy to place on the production line.

Traditionally, self-adhesive labels have back-paper that is not dispensed until the label has been conveyed to the product.  

Linerfree labellers are different because these labelling systems are developed to handle labels delivered in rolls without back-paper layers. The labelling system has a unique stick-free surface and a construction that ensures that the paper’s adhesive does not stick during handling but only when it comes into contact with the product.  

This translates into a remarkable reduction in handling and production breaks. The developed programme has a module build and is very flexible. A blow-on unit, a pneumatic adapter or a module for variable dispensing speed can be chosen for label application.  

HM Linerfree labellers can possibly be extended with side and corner labelling of cartons in addition to ordinary top, side or bottom labelling.


  • More paper on each label reel means fewer roll shifts, fewer interruptions and a better operating economy
  • No handling of waste from the liner
  • Suitable for manual as well as automatic carton and pallet labelling
  • Can be coupled in Ethernet
  • Left and right hand operation
  • Easy operation

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