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With 185 dpi, GraphicJet 18NP from Kortho is a high-resolution inkjet printer that always guarantees sharp printing.

The GraphicJet 18NP is equipped with the unique CNS (Clear Nozzle System); an ingenious capping mechanism that completely shuts off the nozzles again when the printer is not printing. So spitting and cleaning maintenance are no longer necessary. The result is greater efficiency and less downtime. This means shorter production times and major savings on ink, solvent, maintenance and labour. Kortho has applied for a worldwide patent on this development.


The GraphicJet 18NP works not only with non-porous materials such as plastic, glass and metal, but also with porous packaging materials; e.g. cardboard. Due to the compact printhead and the separate ink system, the printer can be installed almost anywhere in the production line.

Differentiating features

GraphicJet 18NP is an inkjet printer that does not waste ink by spitting does not cause interruptions in production and keeps the production environment totally clean. The GraphicJet’s printhead has an ingenious capping mechanism and a perfect way to prevent the ink from drying out. It is no longer necessary to use firing routines to prevent the ink from drying up or clean the nozzles after they are clogged.

The GraphicJet 18NP has several advantages when compared to other manufacturers:

Combination of text, images, logos, barcodes and automatic codes in one image are possible.

Elimination of solvent. The system does not require solvent for flushing and retaining ink viscosity.

Cleaner production environment. No wasted ink and no spitting routines to prevent the ink head from drying out. And that means no pollution of the environment.

Savings on maintenance time and costs. There is no need for continual flushing, no extra costs due to clogged nozzles.

Continuity in the production process. No downtime, no start-up or shut-off flushing procedures. With the unique capping mechanism, the printer is always ready to start.

With KIGS (Kortho Image Generating Software), messages can be created and edited on a PC. Images containing all sorts of automatic codes, barcodes, multi-line items and graphic files are easily designed in the print area screen. Quick and easy, and it can be previewed exactly what will be printed. In the stand-alone mode, the images are downloaded from the PC to the memory of a unique Infrared Remote Control (Image Transfer Device), and loaded on-site into the controller of one or more GraphicJet printers. In the PC-controlled mode Kortho RAC (Remote Access Control) software allows to send messages to the GraphicJet printer and to control all printing parameters as well as the printer status directly from the PC. Kortho RAC also enables control of several printers in a network environment. Factory-wide control over what is being printed on each production line. Even a wireless network can be created, optionally. The Graphicjet 18NP is available from Easyprint .

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