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Colamark PA6000 Printer Applicator Systems from Easyprint Australia

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Easyprint Australia Pty Ltd  offers the Colamark PA6000 print and apply systems for use in diverse industrial and commercial environments.  

The PA6000 printer applicator systems are used to print packaging information, related product and packaging codes, logistics information as well as distribution channel information in the form of text, barcodes and encrypted codes on labels, applying the labels immediately on product packages.  

The labelling information then facilitates the subsequent tracking of the products in the distribution process.  

The PA6000 printer applicators are effective systems that enable distribution control solutions in many industries.  

With the use of specially developed flow control software and data communication set up in the packaging line, PA6000 printer applicator systems can enable the implementation of related product codes in the inner and outer packaging, which is crucial for effective and efficient product distribution control solutions.  

For the electronic components industry, PA6000 prints and applies production information on electronic products automatically when used in conjunction with appropriate materials handling devices, boosting efficiency and product traceability.  

PA6000 printer applicator systems feature Zebra PAX thermal transfer print engine, PLC control, industrial computer as well as dedicated label design software to ensure easy, smooth and reliable operations.  

Key features:

  • Memory function for labelling parameters such as label quantity, delays and error handling eliminates the need to re-enter the parameters on change of products
  • Choice of different label adaptors to cater to varying needs in different production environments
  • Different counter patterns available to cater to different needs in tracking production, packaging, materials usage and label usage information
  • Alert function: Error messages and warning signal output when problem occurs
  • Reprint function to ensure no missed labels and labelling accuracy
  • Compatible with most label editing software in the market for maximum flexibility
  • I/O ports available for connecting to peripheral devices such as barcode readers, electronic scales, inspection devices and other automation devices
  • Network connectivity: Real time management and remote management through Ethernet
  • Highly user-friendly interactive touch-screen interface in both Chinese and English
  • Simple installation: Specially designed mounting stand with wide adjustment range

Key specifications: 

  • Labelling Speed: Max. 80 pcs./min
  • Printing Resolution: Choice of 203 dpi, 300 dpi and 600 dpi
  • Printing Speed: 305mm/sec. (203 dpi), 203mm/sec. (300 dpi)
  • Machine Dimensions: 1000mm L × 850mm W × 1900 mm H


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