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Colamark A920 Front and Back Labelling Systems from Easyprint Australia

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article image Colamark A920 Front and Back Labelling System

Easyprint Australia Pty Ltd  supplies a wide range of Colamark labelling systems for multiple applications in commercial and industrial environments.

Colamark A920 front and back labelling system are multifunction systems that are ideal for the daily chemicals, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and light industries.

The front and back labelling systems offer automatic two-side labelling operation on oval or rectangular containers.

High reliability and precision is assured with the bottle alignment device consisting of a pair of side chains to ensure the positioning well before entering into the labelling device.

The user-friendly bottle labellers feature a top conveyor belt adjustment device that makes the changing of different bottles easy and more convenient.

Colamark front and back labelling systems can be used either standalone, or integrated into the existing production line.


  • User-friendly interactive touch-screen control makes operation convenient and straightforward
  • Alignment device consisting of a pair of side chains to ensure symmetrical alignment of bottles along the centre line
  • Top conveyor belt at synchronised speed with the main conveyor to hold the bottles in place, maintaining bottle alignment and stability throughout the labelling process  
  • Optional special label sensor for detection of film transparent labels  
  • 50-set labelling parameter memory allows easy changeover between different labelling jobs by switching the pre-defined parameters set  
  • Optional registration features to cater for more specific labelling requirements
  • Optional wraparound device to allow handling round bottle labelling with the same machine  
  • Optional registration control device to allow precise control of label position on the round bottle in relation to registration marks
  • Functions for effective prevention of problems such as missed labelling, wrong position and double labelling
  • Intelligent label quantity management, warning messages and optional visual inspection devices  
  • Optional hot-stamping coder or inkjet coder for date-coding on the labels
  • Unique design of label traction unit using sand-glass traction roll to ensure stable gripping of the label web without the slipping
  • Labelling speed: 150 bottles per minute

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