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Colamark A720 Cooking Oil Bottle Labelling Machines from Easyprint Australia

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article image Colamark A720 Cooking Oil Bottle Labeling Machine

Colamark A720 cooking oil bottle labelling systems from Easyprint Australia Pty Ltd are ideal labelling equipment that meets the three-sided or wraparound labelling requirements in food and cooking oil manufacturing industries.  

A special labelling mechanism with a label position registration device makes the auto-labelling process for fully loaded oil bottles very practical. A single machine can be used to label multiple bottles with various bottle specifications.  

A720 cooking oil bottle labelling systems can be operated either in standalone mode or integrated with the existing filling and packaging line in a fully automatic system.  

Backed by an engineering design team with years of experience in automatic labelling equipment, Colamark A720 cooking oil bottle labellers offer the advantages of stability, ease of use, high performance as well as the flexibility to add custom engineering functions according to the customer’s requirement.

Features of Colamark A720 cooking oil bottle labelling systems

  • Precise and smooth labelling on rectangular or round bottles for food and cooking oil industries
  • Enables automatic 3-sided labelling on rectangular or oval bottles after filling  
  • Unique bottle feeding mechanism guarantees stable and high speed operation
  • Special label pressing device ensures practical 3-sided rectangular bottle auto-labelling
  • Resolves auto-labelling problems in the cooking oil manufacturing industry
  • Smoothens the corner labelling on rectangular bottles
  • Single labeller machine for multi-bottle packaging line
  • User-friendly interactive touch-screen control with on-screen help functions and warnings
  • 50-set labelling parameter memory allows easy changeover between different labelling jobs
  • Features to prevent missed labelling, wrong position and double labelling
  • Intelligent label quantity management, warning message and optional visual inspection devices
  • Unique design of label traction unit using sand-glass traction roll to ensure stable gripping of label web without the slipping
  • Labelling speed: 45 bottles/minute for rectangular bottles and 35 bottles/minute for round bottles

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