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Colamark A510 Series Semi-Automatic Labelling Machines from Easyprint Australia

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article image Colamark A510 Series Semi-automatic High Precision Labelling Machine

Easyprint Australia Pty Ltd  specialises in a diverse range of labelling solutions for commercial and industrial environments.

The Colamark A510 Series semi-automatic labelling machines are high precision labellers suitable for use on small flat surface materials such as memory cards, electronic spare parts and PCBs or any application that requires high precision labelling.  

Key advantages of the semi-automatic labelling machines include simple operation, reliable performance, manual feeding mechanism, photocell detection and memory setting of different labelling positions.    

The PLC-equipped controller ensures the machine operates smoothly.  

Custom design of precise label placement mechanism ensures bubble-free and scratch-free labelling results.  

Backed by an engineering design team with years of experience in automatic labelling equipment, Colamark A510 offers the advantages of stability, ease of use, high performance as well as the flexibility to add custom engineering functions according to the customer’s requirement.

Key features of Colamark A510 Series semi-automatic labelling machines

  • Pneumatic control of motorised label pressing system, PLC controller, manual material feeding and foot switch control  
  • High precision and stable Servo motor-driven labelling head  
  • Photoelectric detector for registered labelling position, label dispensing, labelling and loading
  • User-friendly interactive touch-screen control interface for trouble-free operation  
  • Functions to prevent missed labelling, wrong position and double labelling problems  
  • Unique label traction design using sand-glass traction roll to ensure stable gripping of the label web without the slipping
  • Labelling Speed: Max 60pcs/min

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