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Colamark A205 Vertical Feeding Vial Labelling Systems from Easyprint Australia

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article image Colamark A205 Vial Labelling System

Colamark A205 vertical feeding vial labelling systems from Easyprint Australia Pty Ltd are designed to offer precision, robustness, flexibility and high speed for wraparound labelling on ampoules, vials and test tubes among others.

A205 vial labelling systems are designed for high speed wraparound labelling on vials.

The vertical-in, vertical-out, tray-to-tray material handling operation in the vial labellers provides extra convenience and ergonomic comfort at the packaging line.

Full mechanical synchronisation at material entry and exit ensures smooth and high speed material movement.

The high speed hot stamping coder allows synchronised coding and labelling at up to 550bpm.

Key features of A205 wraparound vial labelling systems:

  • Vertical-in, vertical-out, tray-to-tray operation
  • 100% synchronised transition of bottles at the entry and exit points of the main conveyor allows smooth running of materials
  • Side-tilting main conveyor ensures consistent guiding, and avoids up-tiling of bottles caused by liquid migrating to the top inside the bottles
  • Swing-open wraparound belt allows easy cleaning of the wrapping region
  • Clear-observation windows allow viewing the inside of the main conveyor to facilitate identifying possible trapped items
  • Various inspection options for no-code, wrong code, no label, wrong code, no label, wrong label and misaligned label with accurate rejection of defective items even at high running speed Optional high speed hot-stamping coder to match with the machine operation
  • Optional high speed tray inserter for the bottles allows inline automatic insertion of the labelled bottles to the inner packaging trays
  • Designed for standalone or inline use

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