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Colamark A105 Vial Labelling Systems from Easyprint Australia

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Colamark A105 vial labelling systems available from Easyprint Australia Pty Ltd are ideal labelling solutions for the pharmaceutical and health drink industry to label on small diameter bottles at speeds up to 500 bottles per minute.

Bottles are first collected in a feeding buffer and then fed into a turntable by a timing screw for labelling.

Bottle labelling is done with the bottle in an upright position secured by three reference points to ensure high parallel accuracy.

An optional bottle-to-tray inserter is available for use after labelling to insert the bottles into carton inner trays for the downstream cartoning process.  

Colamark A105 vial labellers can be used as fully standalone systems with bottles loaded and collected by transfer trays. Optional in-feed holding belts and/or discharge holding belts are available with these bottle labellers to connect to upstream and downstream equipment for in-line operation.  

The multi-functional vial labelling systems offer two-label and orientation labelling capabilities.  

Key features of Colamark A105 vial labelling systems

  • Various inspection functions available as options for missed label, missed code or wrong code by machine vision devices or photo-electric devices
  • Failed bottles upon inspection will be rejected right after labelling  
  • New generation bottle-to-tray inserter to put the bottles into the carton inner trays right after the labelling process at a matching speed available optionally:
    • Accurately controlled tray movement allows smooth placement of bottles
    • Simple adjustments and change parts for different sizes of bottles and trays  
    • Trays can be loaded manually on to the tray conveyor easily
    • Optional automatic tray loader is available  
    • Completely synchronised with the labelling machine by a bottles buffer
  • User-friendly and colourful PC touch screen for control interface with rich on-screen help and error alarms  
  • Clear reinforced glass safety enclosure  
  • Use of white PE materials in non-steel guiding components for bottle movement to ensure smoothness and durability
  • Memory for 50 sets of operation parameters  
  • Optional hot-stamping coder, thermal transfer overprinter or inkjet coder can be integrated into the system seamlessly
  • Unique design of label traction unit using sand-glass traction roll ensures stable gripping of the label web, long-lasting performance and high labelling precision  
  • CE mark certification

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