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Stretch and rotary wrappers from Easypak

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Easypak  supplies variety of packaging machinery including film, pallet wrap and spiral stretch wrap. Easypak provides pallet wrap in different thickness, grades, colours and widths for both power pre stretch and non power pre stretch machines.

Easypak supplies hand wrap, spiral and rotary stretch wrap and shrink film of premium quality. Easypak offers wide range of after sales service including pallet wrap maintenance and pallet machinery maintenance. Easypak has specialized technicians who are experts in semi-automatic pallet wrappers and rotary stretch wrappers.

Easypak also provides lifetime care service which is available for pallet wrappers according to customer needs. Easypak offers products and services catering to individual customer requirements and specifications.

Easypak offers S300 Fully automatic strapping machine with a table height of 750mm and frame width size of 800mm. The SAH 400 strapping machine has adjustable table height and frame size. Easypak also supplies handling packaging and material handling machinery that has a robust design and is cost effective, portable and easy to maintain.

The various handling equipment distributed by Easypak includes roll turning unit, slide rail, bionic arm, balancer arm, belt conveyor, shaft extractor, roller conveyor and shaft stripper to name a few.

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