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Spiral and automatic pallet wrappers from Easypak

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Easypak  offers spiral wrappers in two forms that is the Neleo range and the Atis range. The spiral wrappers are suitable for wrapping extrusion shaped products in various industries including plastic extrusion, timber, door and window construction, metal rods and stair construction.

The spiral wrapper machines offered by Easypak ensures protection against dust, dirt and dampness aids in keeping the product intact and clean during storage and transportation. Easypak provides spiral wrappers that can be quickly adjusted and adopted according to different sizes, shapes, materials and lengths.

Easypak sells an array of case closing machinery and semi and fully automatic machines. Easypak provides CS 100 with tape type kraft paper and weighs up to 200 kgs. The CSI corner type supplied by Easypak has automatic sealing for lower and upper corners of carton faces.

Easypak provides wide range of automatic pallet wrappers including ring wrapper including ring wrapper, rotary arm wrapper and automatic turntable wrapper. The ring automatic pallet wrapper is capable of wrapping 120 pallets in one hour and is suitable for drink and food manufacturers. The rotary arm pallet is capable of wrapping 80 pallets in one hour.

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