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Pallet wrappers and packaging machineries from Easypak

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Easypak  is a supplier of packaging machinery and associated consumables that include strapping and films material. Easypak is a respected and established manufacturer of material handling equipment. Easypak provides wide range of machineries including pallet wrappers, strapping machines, spiral wrappers, automatic pallet wrappers and case sealers.

Easypak has in-depth and comprehensive knowledge in line packaging industry and provides quick and prompt service to all its customers. The pallet wrappers offered by Easypak have robust designs and are built from high quality components.

Easypak supplies X300 Core Brake Semi automatic Pallet Wrapper which has a soft start turntable of 1800mm and indexing turntable that facilitate easy uploading of wrapped pallet. It has an electric brake film carriage and easy to control PLC control.

Easypak supplies design and manufacture semi automatic machines catering to individual customer requirements and specifications. Easypak supplies wide range of strapping machines that are suitable for all speeds and sizes including S100 Semi-automatic Strapping Machine and S300 Fully automatic strapping machine.

S100 Semi-automatic Strapping Machine has very short warm up time and is safe, reliable and affordable.

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