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Easy Guides Australia releases high-risk Start-up Packs for RTOs
18.05.2011 - High-risk Start-up Packs for the RTO designed by Easy Guides Australia aid trainers in session
High Risk License Training Materials from Easy Guides Australia
17.05.2011 - According to high risk license training resource provider Easy Guides Australia, there is national consensus that the new Safe Work Australia assessment instruments cannot be cited by students during
Easy Guides Australia to exhibit at Safety in Action 2011 expo
11.03.2011 - Industry training and education services provider Easy Guides Australia will showcase their latest products at the Safety in Action 2011 expo, to be held in Melbourne in April.
Easy Guides offer assistance with WHSQ courses required to obtain high risk licences in QLD
03.02.2011 - Easy Guides Australia has both Queensland learner guides and PowerPoint presentations that help prepare students to be assessed using the WHSQ courses.
Easy Guides Australia offers the Vehicle Loading Crane High Risk Licence Guides
17.11.2010 - The Vehicle Loading Crane High Risk Licence Guides are designed to help students get their loading crane high risk licenses.
Basic Scaffolding Start Up Packs available from Easy Guides Australia
16.11.2010 - Easy Guides Australia offers a wide variety of helpful start up packs including the Basic Scaffolding Start Up Packs, useful for learning how to erect, alter and dismantle basic scaffolding.
Basic scaffolding learner work books available from Easy Guides Australia
15.11.2010 - Available from Easy Guides Australia, basic scaffolding learner work books are available on their own or as part of a start-up pack.
Basic scaffolding record of training log books available from Easy Guides Australia
12.11.2010 - Newly available from Easy Guides Australia, high risk record of training log books have been specifically developed to meet the requirements of the new high risk licence CPCCLSF2001A.
White card training packs available from Easy Guides Australia
11.11.2010 - Easy Guides Australia offers a construction induction white card start-up training pack that has been developed to help registered training organisations get on scope.
Know More about High Risk Licences from Easy Guides Australia
29.09.2010 - Easy Guides Australia offers safety and licence training materials for industrial and high risk licences.
Easy Guides Australia has a Successful Run at the WA Safety Show
28.09.2010 - Easy Guides Australia had a successful exhibition of their picture-based training products at the WA Safety Show.
High Risk Licence Start-Up Packs from Easy Guides Australia Get the NQC Tick
19.08.2010 - Easy Guides Australia offers high risk licence training materials with the NQC tick.
High risk licence training materials and start up packs from Easy Guides Australia
13.08.2010 - Easy Guides Australia are now offering start up packs that will help companies pass audit and get high risk licence units on their registered training organisation's (RTO's) scope.
Easy Guides to showcase high risk licence start-up packs at WA Safety Show
02.08.2010 - Easy Guides Australia will be exhibiting their White Card Start-Up Pack and other high risk licence start-up packs at this year’s WA Safety Show.
Easy Guides gets National Quality Council noted tick for training package support materials
28.07.2010 - The National Quality Council has strengthened its ‘noted tick’ criteria for training package support materials, and Easy Guides is one of the first companies to move through the new process.
Basic Rigging High Risk Licence Start-up Pack from Easy Guides Australia
26.07.2010 - Easy Guides Australia now have high risk licence start-up packs available, which give users a bundle of fully-mapped training resources for units of competency.
Queensland-Ready High Risk Licence Start-Up Packs from Easy Guides Australia
13.07.2010 - Easy Guides Australia would like to thank Queensland Workplace Health and Safety (Qld WH&S) for their advice on making their high risk licence learning materials comply with Queensland Workplace Healt
Easy Guides are now Queensland compliant for High Risk Licensing
22.06.2010 - Easy Guides Australia recently met with Queensland Workplace Health and Safety to identify areas of improvement for regulatory requirements in terms of High Risk Licensing.
Getting a forklift licence, training or safety can be easy
15.06.2010 - There are 10 good reasons for getting a copy of the Easy Guides Forklift Truck guide.
The new national high risk licensing system
04.06.2010 - With regard to the new national high risk licensing system, business as usual is the best advice Easy Guides Australia can give readers at this stage.
Quality Training Publications from Easy Guides Australia
01.06.2010 - Easy Guides Australia has produced a range of Training Package Support Materials in the Easy Guide range from Forklift to Front End Loader.
Tthe National High Risk Licence System
25.05.2010 - High risk licenses are being issued now, with little change to the current practise that has operated for a number of years.
Hi Vis Safety Vests
24.05.2010 - These durable orange safety vests from Easy Guides Austrlia are ideal for promoting an organisation’s service.
Elevating Work Platform for High Risk Licence
18.05.2010 - Easy Guides Australia are pleased to announce the release of another set of learning materials created to meet the NEW high risk licensing system soon to be adopted throughout Australia.
Easy Guides earns noted tick for training package support materials
17.05.2010 - In August 2009, Easy Guides’ Training Package support materials for CPCCOHS1001A - Work Safely in the Construction Industry were noted by the National Quality Council (NQC).
High Risk Training Record Logbooks from Easy Guides Australia
14.05.2010 - Easy Guides Australia have developed a new style of Training Record Logbook to comply with the requirements of the 'National Standard for Licensing Persons Performing High Risk Work'.
Easy Guides Australia release Dogging Learning Materials
12.05.2010 - Easy Guides Australia have released 'CPCCLDG3001A Licence to perform dogging Start Up Pack'. This has been created to meet the new National Unit of Competency - CPCCLDG3001A Licence to perform Dogging.
General OHS induction for the construction industry from Easy Guides Australia
10.05.2010 - Easy Guides Australia have released a set of training materials to cover the new unit of competency CPCCOHS1001A ‘Work Safely in the Construction industry'.
Start Up Packs for High Risk Licensing and training
07.05.2010 - The learning and training resources are designed using the new high risk Units of Competency as their base.
Easy Guides Australia’s new Forklift Refresher Course for safe forklift operations
29.10.2008 - Easy Guides Australia's Forklift Refresher Course not only covers the basics of safe Forklift operation, it also takes an in depth look at attitudes to safety in the workplace. It covers the value of safe work practices and educates in understanding
Qld PowerPoints and guides available from Easy Guides
17.08.2007 - As Australia moves towards a new national licensing system, many preparatory changes are taking place.
Easy Guides on transportability of earthmoving qualifications between states and territories
17.08.2007 - Easy Guides is supportive of the new National Standard For Licensing Persons Performing High Risk Work.
Safety and Licence Guides from Easy Guides
26.03.2007 - Australia will be transitioning to a new national licensing system that covers plant and equipment such as forklifts, cranes, dogging, rigging, scaffolding and so on.
Daily inspection checklist from Easy Guides
16.03.2007 - This new daily inspection checklist is the fifth one in Easy Guides series.
Easy Guides releases Scissor Lift Safety and Training guide
08.03.2007 - A new scissor lift guide has been released by Easy Guides.
Easy Guides introduces new series of guides
08.03.2007 - Based on the new Queensland materials, Easy Guides has introduced 9 new guides in this series.
Basic Rigging (BS) guide
07.03.2006 - EASY Guides Australia has announced that Book 22 has joined its Safety & Licence Guides series. This guide aligns with the National Certificate of Competency NOHSC 1006 Assessment Instrument. Like all our other guides, each question and answer is ind
Workplace safety posters
24.02.2006 - EASY Guides Australia's materials are said to be Australia's only pictorial format for a range of industrial licence guides, plus workplace safety posters, training tools and industry safety standards. These materials make industry procedures and sta
Basic scaffolding guide
10.05.2005 - Easy Guides Australia has released the Basic Scaffolding Easy Guide. It is based on the NOHSC 1006 assessment instrument.
Safety in pictures
31.01.2005 - LEARNING how to stay safe can be as easy as reading a picture book. Easy Guides Australia, an exhibitor at Safety In Action and Materials & Manual Handling, has developed a vast range of printed and electronic education tools that require little unde
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