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When does the National High Risk Licence System start?

High risk licenses are being issued now, with little change to the current practise that has operated for a number of years. For example, the Forklift licence in most States is still assessed against the August 2000 Assessment Instrument. States and Territories are at different stages of the transition process.

Markers to look out for to find out the stage of the implementation process for each State or Territory: 

  • A high risk licence can only be obtained through a registered training organisation 
  • New national licence units of competency are yet to be signed off by the National Quality Council and put into Training Packages
  • New national licence Assessment Instrument has yet to be finalised 
  • A photo ID high risk licence is issued
  • Licenses are renewable every five years
Are new high risk licence learning materials available yet? No. Until the new Licence Units and Assessment Instruments are in their final form, signed off and released, Easy Guides is not in a position to produce final learning materials.

However, Easy Guides Australia have undertaken preparatory work on designing the format of the new learning materials.

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