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Quality Training Publications from Easy Guides Australia

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Easy Guides Australia  has produced a range of Training Package Support Materials in the Easy Guide range from Forklift to Front End Loader. Training Package Support Materials Training package support materials are resources to help learners, trainers, assessors and employers implement training and assessment based on the competency standards, assessment guidelines and qualifications from a training package. Support materials are optional approaches and are not mandated.

The materials may include assessor resources, learner and/or trainer resources, professional development materials, promotional material and training package guides designed to inform Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and employers in the use of training packages. Support materials can be specific to an individual training package or be suitable for use across a number of, or all, training packages.

They can be in a range of formats for a variety of audiences to suit different learning styles and delivery contexts, and can include printed materials, CD-ROMs, videos, web-based resources or libraries or a combination of any of these. Any organisation or person who has developed training package support materials and owns copyright may have the products evaluated, by an approved quality assurance consultant, against the NQC Quality Principles. Products that meet the NQC Quality Principles are noted by the NQC.

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