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Getting a forklift licence, training or safety can be easy

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There are 10 good reasons for getting a copy of the Easy Guides Australia  Forklift Truck guide:

  1. The 30 compulsory/critical questions in the Forklift licence assessment are marked with a special ‘Must Know’ logo. Students know they must correctly answer 100% of these questions to pass the test.
  2. Being picture based, complex ideas in the Forklift licence are easy to understand.
  3. Each of the 97 Forklift licence questions in the Knowledge Assessment are explained in a separate picture.
  4. Trainers who use the Forklift Truck Licence Guide tell us that the picture based approach helps students to put the answers in their own words. This is much better than giving a rote response that is not understood by the learner.
  5. As the pictures enable the Forklift Licence guide to be used for self-study, much time is saved explaining concepts to the students in the classroom.
  6. Anecdotal evidence tells us that pass rates for licence assessment are much higher when learners have used the Forklift Truck Safety & Licence Guide.
  7. The Forklift Truck Safety & Licence guide is picture based.
  8. There are nearly 200 pages in this A-5 publication about forklifts.
  9. All practical demonstrations to pass the Forklift licence assessment are also shown in picture form.
  10. Training ideas in the Safety & Licence Guide: Forklift Truck are included to help learners and trainers.

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