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Attachment and Accessories from East West Engineering

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East west Engineering  provides other equipments like, Drum Handling Equipment- it holds the heavy weight drums with the help of belly strap provided with eccentric lock, forklift hydraulics facilitates rotation and controlled by third function lever. Dirt Bucket attachment is slip-on type and can be easily connected the lift truck. It can be fully tilted back by hydraulic operations ideal for liquid products. It comes in galvanised or painted finish.

East West Engineering offers non-hydraulic forklift attachments- safety cages for forklifts includes forklift cages, crane cages, gas cylinder cages and special cages. Roll Prongs for carpet & Rolls is a carriage mounted type ideal for vinyl, fabric and carpet. Forward bin tipper rotates to 180 degrees , according to the bin size the bin tipper is also manufactured. It can be lifted and emptied quickly. Fork arms, loadguards, & carriage bars are also available. Drum storage, Racking & containment- spill bins for drum storage, Drum storage and racking system prevents chemical spills, gives clean and safe working environment.

Manual Drum Handling and Moving-mini lifter is very compact and easy to handle drum up to 300kg. Multi-tasking, controlled rotation accessories can be easily fitted along with it. Over head crane attachment is also available.

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