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Pressurised expansion joints from EagleBurgmann Australia

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article image Double gimbal metal expansion joints
EagleBurgmann Australia Pty Ltd  offers a range of pressurised expansion joints for use in different piping systems.

Metal expansion joints are ideal for closed piping systems, allowing movements in axial, lateral or angular direction or a combination of all three types.

Axial expansion joints are suitable for pipeline systems for absorption of movements along the longitudinal axis of the pipeline. These expansion joints can be used with weld ends, plate flanges, welded neck flanges or a combination of connections.

Lateral expansion joints are available in two designs. The expansion joints with tie rods allow lateral movement between the bolt and flange. Lateral expansion joints with tie rods are available with a minimum of two tie rods. No axial movements are allowed in this system.

The other type features flat iron hinges fitted through the flanges and welded on the outside. Tie rods and hinges absorb the loads arising from the operating pressure with the hinges preventing axial expansions. Lateral expansion joints are ideal for installation in pipe systems with bends.

Angular expansion joints are designed with only one bellows and are available in two types: One plane angular joints are hinged while multi plane angular joints are cardan ring/ gimbal types.

Hinged type expansion joints absorb the tensile forces from the operating pressure, preventing axial expansion. Angular expansion joints can only absorb bending forces and are suitable where sturdy fixing points are not possible, and in pipe systems where bending occurs.

Gimbal type expansion joints feature a single or double membrane with the overall length restrained by a gimbal hardware assembly, a hinge arrangement jointed together by a floating gimbal ring and allowing for angular rotation in all planes. The gimbal type is designed to accommodate the full pressure thrust and any additional loadings from external sources.

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