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Pressure balanced expansion joints from EagleBurgmann Australia

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article image Elbow pressurised metal expansion joint
Pressure balanced expansion joints available from EagleBurgmann Australia Pty Ltd are designed to absorb axial, lateral and angular deflections or combinations and restrain thrust developed by the use of tie-rods or similar devices.

Pressure balanced metal expansion joints are manufactured as an in-line or elbow type pressure balanced assembly. Pressure balanced expansion joints are recommended when there is no possibility of making fixed corners or elbows in the piping system.

The pressure balanced joint eliminates pressure thrust, which is the force created by pressure acting on a bellows. Pressure thrust must be contained with either main anchors or restrained expansion joints designed to carry pressure thrust loads.

In-line pressure balanced expansion joints absorb axial movement and/or lateral deflection while restraining the pressure thrust on the system, and are used where the location of expansion joint prohibits or makes it very costly to install main anchors. Pressure balanced elbow expansion joints are often placed next to a pump or turbine.

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