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article image PS seals make it easy to replace metal and fabric type bellow seals without the need for trained welders.
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EagleBurgmann Australia Pty Ltd  presents pipe penetration seals designed to eliminate the leakage of heat and other emissions from pipes.

Pipe penetration seals allow tubes or pipes to expand thermally by penetrating the shell or pressure casing typically at boilers. These seals are designed to accept axial, lateral and angular movements, thereby lowering the stress on tubes and pipes to which they are attached. The penetration seals also reduce noise and protect maintenance personnel.

Pipe penetration seals can accommodate most applications from original manufacturer to retrofits of existing installations.

High operating temperatures typically keep the temperature in the bellows warm enough to prevent media from condensing, which can otherwise cause corrosion if the media condenses and collects in the lower end of the seal during operation. Metal expansion joints provide good insulation between the boiler wall and the attachment ring.

Key advantages of penetration seal expansion joints:

  • Reduces pipe stress
  • Increases boiler efficiency
  • Reduces noise
  • Eliminates maintenance
  • Supplied with insulation on request
EagleBurgmann’s PS seal is a slider seal that uses a floating ring design with patented stainless steel flow reducing seals in contact with the penetration pipe outside diameter and lateral movement plates. The seals are compressed on assembly to provide minimal gas leakage during operation.

As particulates build up in the seal and further restrict the passage of gas, any gas leakage in the seal reduces over time. The stainless steel wire mesh seal can be replaced easily during shutdowns eliminating the need to replace the entire unit.

PS seals used in heat recovery steam generators for boilers enable fuel efficiency by significantly lowering energy loss, while reducing the maintenance load and risk of unplanned outage.

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24/01/2013 - We have different type of penetration seals in either fabric or metal. You can find some information here on metal pen seals: http://www.ejsus.com/pdf/PenSeal%20Plus.pdf Some more information on metal pen seals here: http://www.eagleburgmann-ej.com/Files/Filer_unsecure/Brochures%20(GB)/Pipe_Penetration_Seal_Metal_EJD_GB.pdf And here for fabric pen seals: http://www.ejsus.com/pdf/Fabric%20PenSeals.pdf

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