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Metal expansion joints and rubber expansion joints from EagleBurgmann for water treatment

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EagleBurgmann Australia Pty Ltd offers a range of expansion joint solutions to meet application requirements in water and wastewater treatment processes.  

Water treatment processes  

Expansion joints are required for pipes and ducts in almost all water treatment or desalination processes, functioning as flexible connections to compensate for thermal expansion, vibration and misalignment under high pressure.  

Be it wastewater treatment or desalination, expansion joints need to operate in tough operating conditions, requiring high standards of design and material selection. Different desalination processes for instance, involve pumping water through the processes where factors such as high pressure, temperature, additives and material of pipes are deciding factors when selecting the right expansion joints.  

EagleBurgmann offers metal expansion joints and rubber expansion joints for different applications.  

Metal expansion joints are made from materials such as PTFE, 254SMO, 904 L, Incoloys and Inconels. Material selection is very important to ensure durability and efficiency of metal expansion joints because of the high concentration of salt chlorides.  

EagleBurgmann offers its expertise in both material selection and welding for expansion joint solutions designed for water treatment.  

Used throughout the desalination process, rubber expansion joints are also affected by salinity. EagleBurgmann’s KE-Masterflex DFS-type rubber expansion joints are suitable for use in high pressure areas.  

The bellows typically range from DN300 to DN900, but can be supplied up to DN3600 in various material qualities, including qualities approved for drinking water.  

Case study  

EagleBurgmann Australia was contracted to supply a large quantity of KE-Masterflex rubber expansion joints to a major Australian customer within the desalination industry for two big desalination plants.  

Design requirements specified uniformity of the bolting loads when exposed to the pressure thrust force exerted via the tie-rod assembly.    

As all piping in this plant was made of glass fibre/ reinforced piping (GRP), special design conditions applied with the backing flanges.  

EagleBurgmann’s FEA/FEM analysis found the maximum principal stresses in the GRP flange and maximum and minimum bolt force in the flange bolts due to axial thrust force exerted by the bellow.  

Wastewater treatment processes  

Wastewater treatment includes physical, chemical and biological processes to remove contaminants from wastewater and sewage at several stages. Material selection is an important factor as the expansion joints need to perform in media containing aggressive additives, sand or substances with a high degree of acidity.  

Rubber expansion joints  

EagleBurgmann’s KE-Masterflex rubber expansion joints are also used in wastewater treatment processes. Rubber material can withstand exposure to additives or corrosive media.  

KE-Masterflex rubber expansion joints from DN300 to DN900 are recommended for wastewater treatment processes, but can be also supplied in sizes from DN20 to DN3600 in various rubber qualities. Flanges can also be supplied in various steel qualities.  

Metal expansion joints  

All Bredan metal bellows from EagleBurgmann are made of one or more plies of stainless steel, making them resistant to additives. Metal bellows are made from austenitic steel, Incoloys, Inconels, Hastelloys, Titanium and other formable materials like PTFE liners.  

An internal sleeve protects the bellows from erosion in harsh operating environments, where there are abrasive additives in the water. An external cover or shroud protects the bellows against mechanical damage during installation, shipping and operation.  

Mating or connecting flanges, bolts, nuts and gaskets can also be installed as part of a complete metal expansion joint solution. Metal bellows are available in sizes ranging from DN25 to DN2000.  

Case study  

EagleBurgmann Bredan supplied metal expansion joints to a water treatment plant in Poland for a large Danish customer. The joints were installed in the hot air supply system, located on top of the aeration tanks.  

The complete wastewater plant consists of 10 common aeration systems, which supply air from the main supply pipe. Each of these aeration tanks is equipped with 3 metal expansions joints, which are subject to horizontal movements caused by the media and surrounding temperature.  

The expansion joints were required to compensate for temperature extension of the steel pipe and the deflection of the structure. The material was AISI 316-EN 1.4307 and leading plates were added in the inner tube.

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