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KE fabric expansion joints from EagleBurgmann Australia

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KE fabric expansion joints available from EagleBurgmann Australia Pty Ltd are designed for use in conventional power plants fired with coal, oil and gas turbine systems.

Installed as flexible connections in air, duct and flue gas piping systems, the expansion joints take up or compensate for thermal expansion, vibrations and misalignments.

KE fabric expansion joints can be supplied as an optimum solution by combining different materials and taking into consideration the thermal, chemical and mechanical resistance as well as the fatigue properties of the materials.

Key benefits of KE fabric expansion joints:

  • Compensates for movements in several directions simultaneously
  • Almost no reactive forces
  • Requires little space for installation
  • Easily adapts to existing physical conditions
  • Easy to transport
  • Minimum heat loss due to good insulation
  • Cold on the outer layer during operation to protect employees on site
  • Proven technology

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