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Expansion joints: How to use them and where

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KE fabric expansion joints available from EagleBurgmann Australasia can be used in a wide range of industries from incineration plants and rotary kilns to pulp and paper, cement and chemical industries.

Installed as flexible connections in air and flue gas pipe and duct systems to take up or compensate for thermal expansion, vibrations and misalignments, KE fabric expansion joints take up movements in several directions simultaneously, have almost no reactive forces, need little space for installation, are easy to adapt to existing physical conditions, and are easy to transport and install. 

Incineration plants

KE fabric expansion joints are used in this application due to the high percentage of corrosive content in flue gas, which necessitates careful material selection and a tight seal to be established.

Rotary kilns

KE fabric expansion joints are used for thermal treatment in connection with the sealing system and to compensate for movements in the ducts.

Pulp and paper industry

KE fabric expansion joints are used in processes that are heat intensive as well as chemically demanding.

Gas domes on LPG ships

Fluachem fabric expansion joints of Neoprene with double fabric reinforcement act as elastic seals between the gas tanks stored on deck on flexible bearings, and the deck itself. These are available as round or rectangular expansion joints with vertical flanges.

Fire skirts

Combine-X fire skirt expansion joints are used as flexible, fire-proof elements of the ducting in gas turbine exhaust systems on board cruise ships or other types of vessels. Combine-X fire skirt expansion joints are approved by the necessary approving bodies, such as Norske Veritas and Lloyds Register of Shipping and fulfil requirements for protection classes such as Jet Fire and Pool Fire.


Expansion joints are installed on both the suction and pressure sides of the ventilator to prevent vibrations being conveyed to the ducts, and static offset to occur between the ventilator and the duct.

Cement industry

Due to the high content of cement dust in the flue gases, KE fabric expansion joints are designed with a sleeve (baffle) as protection from the abrasive particles. A special material made from natural hide ensures a long operating life.

Chemical industry

Expansion joints are used where temperature and acid loads are very high, such as sulphuric acid plants, heat recovery plants or absorption of acid vapours etc. Fluachem expansion joints of fluoroelastomer and fluoropolymer offer excellent chemical resistance. These can also be used in flue gas ducts and hot air lines of burner feeders. 

KE rubber expansion joints by EagleBurgmann 

KE rubber expansion joints are flexible connectors made from natural or synthetic elastomers in which special fabrics are embedded to provide physical reinforcement.

A proven and flexible solution to accommodate many types of movements and requirements of industrial plant and equipment, KE rubber expansion joints are used in systems transporting fluids, slurries or gases under pressure, at ambient pressure or under vacuum over a wide range of temperatures.

KE rubber expansion joints can be designed as hoses for special pipe systems, such as in pulp and paper plants. Rubber hoses are installed in that part of feed pipes, which transports the pulp to the paper making machine.

Rubber hoses must be completely smooth on the inside surface to allow unrestricted flow of very fine particles in the media. Rubber hoses are designed up to 1000 kPag and can absorb movements of ±100 mm axial.

In-line pressure balanced expansion joints absorb axial movement and/or lateral deflection while restraining the pressure thrust on the system. This is achieved by means of tie devices interconnecting the line bellows with outboard compensating bellows that are also subjected to line pressure. Each bellows set is designed to absorb axial movement and the line bellows will usually absorb lateral deflection. 

Pressure balanced expansion joints are employed where the location of the expansion joint prohibits or makes it expensive to install main anchors.

Bredan and EJS metal expansion joints by EagleBurgmann

EagleBurgmann expansion joint solutions include a full range of Bredan and EJS metal expansion joints ranging from round and rectangular ducting expansion joints to highly engineered expansion joints to serve customers in power generation, oil and petrochemicals, pulp and paper, industrial and heavy equipment suppliers and a variety of OEM markets.

A global leader in the industry with installations in thousands of plants worldwide, EagleBurgmann offers innovative and customised solutions developed in cooperation with OEMs and end user customers for piping systems in engines, flues gas systems and pipelines.

EagleBurgmann specialises in metal expansion joint design for a diverse range of applications including train sets, vacuum pumps, gearboxes, food industry (edible oils) and tank farms.

EagleBurgmann offers a full range of Bredan and EJS metal expansion joints from round and rectangular ducting expansion joints to highly engineered and complex FCCU assemblies with a long history of welding and forming of special materials including a wide range of nickel alloys.  Documentation is offered according to the latest industry standards.

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