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Bredan US-Types flue gas expansion joints from EagleBurgmann Australia

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article image Bredan flue gas metal expansion joint US-Types are designed for positioning
The Bredan US-Types flue gas expansion joints available from EagleBurgmann Australia Pty Ltd are designed to absorb movements and vibrations from boilers, silencers, turbines and various exhaust systems.

Designed to function in high temperatures as well as low temperatures, the US-Types flue gas systems provide maximum flexibility in the piping system after turbocharger. Required to absorb the thermal expansion of piping, US-Types are installed in the flue gas/exhaust system, where the vibrations are small and where a compensation of large axial or lateral expansions or a combination is needed.

EagleBurgmann exhaust expansion joint solutions for flue gas systems are installed in diesel/ gas engine power plants, marine exhaust lines, district heating power plants, coal/ gas/ biomass/ power plants, gas turbines, heat and ventilation systems as well as heat recovery boiler and silencers.

Key features of Bredan US-Types flue gas metal expansion joints:

  • Can be designed with service temperature up to 800ºC and/or pressure up to 2.5 Barg
  • Fixed or swivel flanges, pipe weld ends, ‘V’ flanges or flange constructions made of stainless/ carbon steel or other alloy materials
  • Sleeves recommended for high temperatures and flow velocities
  • Sleeves protect bellows from impact of particles
  • Casing serves to protect the bellows against dirt and knocks
  • Metal bellows made of stainless steel in austenitic steel, Incoloys, Inconels or other formable materials

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