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Applications for KE fabric expansion joints

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article image Installation of KE fabric expansion joint in a pulp and paper mill
KE fabric expansion joints available from EagleBurgmann Australia Pty Ltd are used in various industrial applications.

Incineration plants, rotary kilns, pulp and paper industry, LPG ships and shipping vessels as well as cement and chemical plants are some of the environments where KE fabric expansion joints are implemented.

Incineration plants

Careful material selection and establishing a tight seal are essential for the expansion joints used in this application due to the high percentage of corrosive content in flue gas.

Rotary kilns

KE fabric expansion joints are used for thermal treatment in connection with the sealing system and also compensate for movements in the ducts.

Pulp and paper industry

KE fabric expansion joints are used in heat intensive as well as chemically demanding processes.

Gas domes on LPG ships

Fluachem fabric expansion joints of neoprene with double fabric reinforcement act as elastic seals between the gas tanks, which are stored on deck on flexible bearings. These are available as round or rectangular expansion joints with vertical flanges.

Fire skirts on cruise ships

Combine-X fire skirt expansion joints are used as flexible, fire-proof elements of the ducting in gas turbine exhaust systems on board cruise ships or other types of vessels. These expansion joints are approved by Norske Veritas and Lloyds Register of Shipping, and also fulfil requirements for protection classes such as Jet Fire and Pool Fire.


Expansion joints are installed on both the suction and pressure sides of the ventilator to prevent vibrations being conveyed to the ducts, and static offset to occur between the ventilator and the duct.
Cement industry

KE fabric expansion joints are designed with a baffle as protection from abrasive particles due to high content of cement dust in flue gases. These expansion joints are made from natural hide to ensure a long operating life.

Chemical industry

Expansion joints are required in chemical plants where temperature in acid loads is very high. Fluachem expansion joints made of fluoroelastomer and fluoropolymer have excellent chemical resistance. These can also be used in flue gas ducts, hot air lines of burner feeders, and rotary kilns of special waste incinerators.

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