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Multipurpose spray-on synthetic lubricant

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article image Berulub 500ml spray cans for trouble-free handling.

BERULUB PAL 3 spray-on lubricant from German manufacturer Bechem, represented by ETS Australia , is a white, fully synthetic, adhesive PTFE-treated multipurpose lubricant offering high oxidation stability and ageing resistance.

Being non-toxic, it is suitable for incidental food contact.

Stick-slip, and resulting friction, wear and noise, are major concerns with telescopic cranes and heavily loaded mechanisms, particularly metal to elastomer or plastic to plastic contacts.

Telescopic jibs on mobile and fixed cranes are a good example.

Current lubrication practices and lubricants tend to be wasteful and time consuming, but Bechem's new Berulub PAL 3 is easier and more efficient to apply than paint-on or spray gun applications.

It will remain in place for an extended period of time as it will not drip or melt. Plus it's highly resistant to cold and hot water as well as aqueous-alkaline cleaners.

After application there is a noticeable reduction in noise and vibration of mechanisms regardless of friction partners. Unwanted stick-slip is reliably prevented.

Applications include telescopic cranes, labyrinth seals, stuffing boxes, etc.

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