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Acoustic front end products from ETMC Technologies

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G.R.A.S Sound & vibrations offers Acoustic front end products which are available from ETMC Technologies . All products required for measuring, recording of acoustic signals from transducers are included in G.R.A.S sound and vibration measurements.

Main instrumentation includes standard measurement microphones and amplifiers, Microphone probes, Acoustic Transducers, Artificial ears and Hydrophones.

Free Field Microphones are available in form of 1/2" and 1/4" free field and pressure microphones. Acoustic Transducers with internal and external power are offered. Sound intensity probes are provided with remote control handle.

Norsonic Instrumentation offers sounds level meters, sound and vibration analyzers,Environmental Noise Monitors and Building Acoustics Instrumentation. Norsonic precision analyzers includes

Nor-121 Environmental Analyzer is system for dual channel monitoring and analysis of environmental noise, dual channel building acoustics and sound intensity.

Nor-118 Precision is used for handling Sound Level Meter, Octave Analyzer and Level Recorder. Nor-840 Precision Real Time Sound Analyzer is offered in single or twin channel configurations.

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