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ETM Pacific  supplies precise wireless data collection and telemetry using telecommunication network access technologies such as GSM, GPRS and 3G.

ETM Pacific has experienced considerable growth in delivering a range of solutions, e.g. to the meter industry, utilising the ETM9550 GSM/GPRS terminal.

ETM Pacific has now developed a new scheme for managing the configuration of multiple ETM9550 terminals and the flow of meter data, which improves the availability of data and reduces installation time of the ETM9550, leading to overall lower costs.

ETM Pacific product line includes:

  • ETM9800 HSDPA modem terminal NextG, 3G capable
  • ETM9900 HSDPA modem terminal NextG, 3G capable with TCP/IP stack and 7 I/O
    ETM9300 GSM/GPRS Basic Communications Terminal (modem) with RS232 interface, ideal SMS sender
  • ETM9550 GSM/GPRS Terminal with I/O and Logging capability. Send SMS Alarms, monitoring, control
  • ETM9660 GSM/GPRS with multiple I/O's, DIN Rail Mounted industrial use
  • Siemens WM

GSM / GPRS 3G Next G modems, alarm senders and controllers facilitate:

  • Monitoring environmental equipment
  • Sending data for website access
  • Access to data
  • Control of equipment
  • Transmission of alarms through Fax, SMS or email

ETM Pacific is a distributor for ETM GSM GPRS 3G terminals (modems) and Siemens Wireless Data Products. ETM Pacific range of ETM Terminals now includes the ETM9800 HSDPA – an ideal replacement for CDMA Modems.

ETM units can be used to interface with any industrial plant, equipment, computer/controller or commercial asset, whether the product is a fixed installation, where it is cheaper to use the mobile network rather than install a fixed line, or for mobile application such as vehicle monitoring.

ETM Pacific has a complete range of these products from Data / Fax / SMS modems, basic alarm senders and controllers through to packaged modem/alarm senders and controllers.

The range includes units designed for end users as well as OEM versions for customisation and integration into products such as; vending machines, meters, security and vehicle/transport monitoring systems.

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