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New g-log 5g Shock Loggers from ETM Pacific

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Solve gmbh introduces their new expanded series of g-log data loggers for lower shock measurement ranges.

The g-log sth1 as well as the g-log vibra shock loggers are now available in a ±5g model and distributed in Australia and New Zealand through ETM Pacific.  

Key advantages of the ±5g shock loggers over the existing ±35g and ±70g loggers include higher resolution and accuracy.  

Additionally, the ±5g shock loggers allow a lower trigger level to be set making it possible to display small shocks with a high level of detail.  

Example from a passenger comfort measurement  

Measurement Range: -5g to 5g
Trigger Level: Can be set from 0.2g to 2g
Resolution: 30mg
Accuracy: 100mg
Sample Rate: 2 kHz (Sample time = 0.5ms)
Frequency Range: 1.5 Hz to 500 Hz
Temperature Range: -20ºC to +70ºC   

The new shock data loggers are supported by the proven configuration and analysis software LogView (version 2.01).  

Applications of ±5g shock loggers: 

  • Passenger comfort measurements
  • Transport monitoring of highly sensitive goods
ETM Pacific Pty Ltd distributes Solve gmbh products within Australia and New Zealand.

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