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ETM Pacific Introduces 2 New Cellular Signal Strength Meters

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ETM Pacific  has released two new models in their range of cellular signal strength meters designed for 2G and 3G networks in Australia and New Zealand.  

The new cellular signal strength meters include the Quad-band GSM/GPRS ETM770-1 and the Tri-band 3G ETM770-2.  

ETM770-1 signal strength meters are 2G network-compatible systems while ETM770-2 signal strength meters are compatible with current 3G networks in Australia and New Zealand including Telstra NextG.  

The new signal strength meters are a significant improvement on the successful ETM760i model with advantages such as a smaller size, lightweight construction and coverage of a wider range of frequencies.  

Signal strength meters have the potential to lower installation costs associated with deployment of cellular M2M devices in applications such as electrical and water metering, security/ alarm systems and other telemetry applications.  

Both models will be available for sale from late September 2010.  

The ETM770 range of signal strength meters comprises of a handlheld battery-powered device, which can be used to measure the signal strength of 2G and 3G cellular operators at a particular location.  

Key applications:

  • Check signal availability for a potential installation
  • Determine the best operator for a particular location
  • Assess antenna suitability for a particular location

Key features:

  • LCD display with backlight
  • SMA antenna connector
  • Internal rechargeable battery pack
  • Mini USB connector for programming and recharging
  • Sends TCP/IP data packages to a server to confirm connectivity

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