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article image The Freshsync in-transit data logging device from Freshloc.
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FRESHLOC Technologies has released its new Freshsync automatic in-transit data logging system, available in Australia from ETM Pacific .

The wireless Freshsync device not only monitors truck temperatures during transit but monitors and alerts during cooling, in preparation for a trip, or in temporary storage.

Trip data is automatically downloaded as the truck arrives at its destination.

The unit is designed for short and mid range transport operations where, until now, there has been very limited protection, yet it is the area where the majority of hauling is conducted in the food chain.

"Reports from the Freshsync automatic logger are available online, require no manual entry, and provide more detailed tracking than any other system," FreshLoc president Douglas Foster said.

“We've seen it improve supply chain speed, quality control, accuracy and reduce costs...adding up to what we call cold chain control."

The system is comprised of small sensors mounted on the truck, that continuously monitor conditions. The small size of the sensors allows them to be placed in multiple compartments and locations, and using special smart technology, show actual conditions of the load.

With a truck or trailer that is used for temporary storage or pre-cooling for a trip, the system will alert if temperatures go out of specification. Subsequently, and without the need for any manual input, the system logs trip conditions automatically once a trip begins.

Within a few minutes of arrival, the entire trip data is automatically downloaded into a common database.

Unlike current methods that slow yard operations, there is no need to find and remove the device from the load to obtain the data. They can be automatically read upon return to the distribution centre, arrival at a customer delivery point or both.

Either way, the trip data is automatically retrieved, secured and available on line.

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