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Abelko IMSE WebMaster Pro web-based control and regulation system

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Abelko has developed the IMSE family to create optimal conditions for capturing the benefits of distributed automation using web technologies.

With over 97% of all global communications done over the TCP/IP communication protocol, Abelko realised early the benefits of using TCP/IP and the internet for distributed automation solutions. By integrating IT and electronics in process applications, the IMSE product family of TCP/IP-based systems has been able to satisfy demands for new advanced applications without geographical limitations.

The IMSE family consists of TCP/IP-based systems for monitoring, measurement, control and regulation to which all types of sensors and modules can be connected regardless of the brand.

The IMSE product line consists of the information database IMSE WebDatabase, and the computer sub centrals, IMSE WebMaster and IMSE WebMaster Pro.

IMSE WebMaster Pro

Based on the IMSE WebMaster, IMSE WebMaster Pro offers more connectivity, greater storage capacity and increased functionality, making the new web-based control and regulation system particularly suitable for use in new application development as well as to meet increased future needs to measure, control and regulate.

Key areas of application of IMSE WebMaster Pro:

  • Advanced condition monitoring of machinery and equipment
  • Control/regulation of large boilers for solid fuel
  • Control/regulation of major ventilation units
Building automation

The IMSE family supports control and regulation of heating, ventilation and cooling systems, and can also be used for control of boilers, district heating centrals, ventilations units and heat pumps as well as for energy monitoring, lighting control, alarms and passage control. Key advantages include better control and safer operation, lower operating costs and improved comfort.

Industrial automation

The IMSE product family finds application in industrial environments including in machine control, regulation and monitoring of cold stores or water and sewage systems. IMSE’s control systems monitor and regulate a number of parameters at the same time, helping to secure a safe and economical operation and prevent disturbances and breakdowns. In the event that discrepancies occur in relation to the desired values, or that service needs arise, the alarm automatically sends out an email or SMS.

Flexible and scalable

The GFBI allows other types of units such as expansion modules, PLC or statistic sequence changers to be connected to the RS485 inlet on an IMSE WebMaster Pro to enable communication. A level converter helps connect meters via M-Bus. WMShare also enables various IMSE WebMaster Pros to communicate and exchange information with each other.

Abelko products are available in Australia through ETM Pacific .

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