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Silo Cleaning Technology from ESS Engineering

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Using specialized silo cleaning technology, the ESS Engineering Services and Supplies BinWhip can reclaim unused storage space from bunkers and silos. Cleaning services from ESS are effective on all types of storage hang-ups. The industrial cleaning systems have been successfully applied to wall build-ups, bridges, arches, and rat holes.

ESS can clean Coal, flour, cement, chemicals, grain, clay, limestone, gypsum, ore, foundry sand, wood chips effectively, economically and safely. They offer silo clean out as a stand alone service or as part of a total bulk solids flow improvement package, with the installation of an engineered Big Blaster Air Cannon System.

This Silo cleaning service provides these benefits:

  • Environmentally safe silo cleaning process - Dry process allows material reclamation. No waste, no sludge, no water contamination.
  • No safety risk for employees personnel - Silo Cleaning is performed by skilled ESS technicians from outside the silo, plant employees provide only haulage of material removed from the bin.
  • Improved efficiency - With full capacity restored, silos and bunkers provide storage and feeding at design rates, so plant operations run on schedule.
  • No Muss, No Fuss - There are no explosives, no chemicals, no cutting of walls, no structural modifications, no contamination of material.
  • Protects storage vessels - In Order to avoid damage to the silo interior, the BinWhip is lightweight and easy to control.
  • Capacity recovery - By returning bulk solids storage systems to original capacity, more "live" material can be stored.
  • Material Recovery - Material removed from the silo can be used in plant operations.

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