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GuardaSeal conveyor belt support system from ESS Engineering Services and Supplies

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The GuardaSeal Belt conveyor belt support system from ESS Engineering Services and Supplies holds the belt in a position and allows effective sealing. They minimise belt vibration and sag and minimise the possibility of material escape.

If a conveyor belt is not properly supported, the forces of loading will create spillage at the transfer point. Gaps between the conveyor belt and skirting system will develop allowing fines and dust to escape.

Fugitive material is costly to clean up and can build up on conveyor components where it can wear idlers, seize bearings and become entrapped in pinch points to gouge the belt.

When installed as side rails underneath the belt, GuardaSeal Bars maintain a stable, sag-free belt, even when there is strenuous loading. This reduces the escape of fugitive materials and reduces the risk of damage to the belt and its components.

GuardaSeal Bars are manufactured from rugged ultra high molecular weight Polyurethane and they provide a low friction self-lubricating surface for the belt to skim over without heat build-up or undue wear on the surface of the belt or bar.

The low co-efficient of friction between a GuardaSeal Bar and a moving conveyor belt means installation can usually be completed without the need to increase the power of the conveyor.

GuardaSeal Bars are designed in a unique 'H' configuration, which allows both top and bottom surfaces to be used. This means that wear life is effectively doubled.

GuardaSeal Sealing Conveyor belt support system comes with an adjustable mounting frame that fits any application and any belt troughing angle. The bars come in standard 1200mm sections, although custom lengths are available to suit specifications of industrial conveyors.

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