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Guardabelt Impact Cradles from ESS Engineering Services and Supplies are used in transfer points where impact loading of large lumpy material is experienced. Frequent impacts damage conveyor belts, idlers or conveyor support structures and lead to spills.

To absorb the stress of loading, a GuardaBelt Impact Cradle can be installed under the conveyor belt. They are made of energy absorbing GuardaBelt Bars and a heavy duty adjustable frame. They work by absorbing and dampening the shock of loading and, thereby reducing damage and improving conveyor belt stability.

For hazard-free maintenance, ESS GuardaBelt Impact Cradles feature an exclusive Trac-Mount design. Individual bars are mounted on slides, as are the wing assemblies. As there are no tee-bolts, bars can easily be inspected or changed. The operator simply needs to slide out the old bar and slide in the new one.

Along with the ESS policy of designing each cradle to suit its specific application, this means that site installation time is also dramatically reduced.

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