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Automatic Weather Stations from ESIS

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Automatic Weather Stations from ESIS make a number of weather measurements including air temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. These are recorded inside a sensor shelter.

Meanwhile, wind speed, wind direction and solar radiation sensors are mounted on a cross-arm at the top of the mast.

Automatic Weather Stations also measure rainfall, grass temperature, soil moisture with sensors which are mounted nearby.

The input sensors and output data may be varied to suit individual users, however these weather stations generally record these measurements:

  • Air temperature at 9am and 3pm, as well as daily max. and min.
  • Rainfall daily totals and rainfall period totals (e.g. monthly)
  • Windrun daily totals
  • Solar Radiation daily totals
  • Grass temperature min is optional
  • Soil temperature maximum and min is optional
  • Relative humidity at 9am and 3pm, as well as daily max. and min.

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