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Matt stainless steel MIG wires

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article image Matt SS -- improved welding.

ESAB has developed a new generation of solid stainless steel MIG welding wires that feature a matt surface appearance.

These wires provide improved welding properties and lead directly to enhanced MIG welding performance.

The matt appearance results from a new surface treatment that is part of an improved manufacturing process. In addition to the surface being matt, rather than shiny, the diameter has a tighter tolerance and the stiffness is higher.

Furthermore, strict control of the cast and helix - both of which are important properties for spooled wires - leads to additional benefits.

Taken together, these product characteristics give the new wires improved feedability and a stable welding arc, resulting in dependable performance for the MIG process, consistently high weld quality, and minimal post-weld cleaning.

The wires are available in a range of diameters for most commonly used grades of stainless steel. They are supplied in 15kg basket spools for semi-automatic welding and 250 or 475kg MarathonPac bulk drums for mechanised and robotic welding.

Esab manufactures its own solid wires for stainless steel, un-alloyed and low-alloyed steel, and aluminium.

The new matt stainless steel MIG wires have been developed as a direct response to demand from the marketplace for improved welding performance.

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