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MIG welder for heavy duty solutions

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ESAB is launching the ESABMig range of versatile, heavy-duty welding machines. The powerful and economical semi-automatic range gives both outstanding welding performance and exceptional reliability.

Designed for heavy industrial use, the high-power ESABMig delivers up to 500A at a 60% duty cycle, and is suitable for welding mild and stainless steel from 1.0mm thick and aluminium from 1.5 mm thick.

High productivity is assured thanks to the ESABMig's stable arc that gives excellent welding properties when used with welding wire up to 2.4mm in diameter.

Three induction outlets allow the settings to be easily optimised to give superb welding performance and characteristics with mixed gases and CO2.

Further control is provided by means of an adjustable crater fill function that ensures a smooth finish and eliminates cracks.

The sturdy and robust equipment is available in a choice of two variants: the ESABMig 400t and the ESABMig 500t.

Both machines are housed in a sturdy galvanised steel casing with an optional built-in air filter for use in harsh industrial environments. Integral ergonomic handles are provided to make the units easily portable.

Two new wire feeders, the ESABFeed 30-4 and ESABFeed 48-4 complement the ESABMig welding machines.

Both feeders benefit from four-wheel drive and optimised feed roller profiles to ensure excellent feeding qualities; electronic control of the drive wheels helps to achieve an accurate and stable arc.

The two feeders are available either with an enclosed spool holder or equipped to use ESAB's Marathon Pac bulk wire spools.

A synergic control function on the feeders allows simple, accurate setting of the welding parameters, and there are 14 pre-programmed synergic lines for easy single-knob control.

Furthermore, another two synergic lines can be created to optimise the settings for customer-specific applications.

Significant savings in time, as well as a wide working radius, are possible by virtue of the fact that all settings can be made on the wire feeder.

For increased productivity, the ESABMig is easily mechanised using the built-in connectors for both Railtrac and Miggytrac.

ELP (ESAB's LogicPump) gives automatic starting of the water pump when a PSF water-cooled welding gun is connected, thereby eliminating the risk of overheating the welding gun.

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