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ESAB’s Joint Tracking System Makes Automatic Welding Easier

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article image ESAB GMH joint tracking system makes automatic welding easier. (Inset) Control panel with remote control

A new automatic welding system from ESAB Westgate helps save time and improves productivity without compromising on weld quality.  

While automatic welding systems do save time and help improve work throughput, the weld quality may suffer if the arc is not kept in the optimal position.  

ESAB’s new GMH joint tracking system eliminates the need for users to focus on the weld head and position during welding. Consisting of a joint tracking controller, servo slides and sensor unit, the joint tracking system is very robust and easy to use.  

Key features of the ESAB joint tracking system

  • Allows the operator to keep an eye on the entire welding process without needing to focus on the weld head
  • Fully automatic welding process
  • Allows the operator to add flux and change wire spool well in advance when required
  • Flexibility to work on multiple weld types such as J-weld, V-weld, double J-weld, X-weld, fillet, double-flanged butt joint and more
  • Welding head is mounted on a motorised X and Y servo slide, where the head can be moved up-down and left-right
  • Sensor provides all the necessary information to control the welding process including how to keep the arc at the optimal position
  • User-friendly joystick operation to guide the welding head and mechanical sensor finger into the correct position
  • No programming required
  • Allows for curved details

ESAB’s new GMH joint tracking systems come with different mechanical sensor fingers for various applications. Inductive sensors can also be used in the ESAB system.

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