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ESAB Westgate supplies Origo 3000i TIG welders

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article image Origo 3000i TIG welders

Engineered for use in demanding applications, Origo 3000i TIG welders from ESAB Westgate provide a sold arc strike and consistent, stable arcs in both DC and AC modes.

When AC welding, these machines use the patented QWave function to optimise wave forms. This provides a smooth arc and minimal noise without compromising weld results.

These TIG welders also feature:

  • true AC ratings to ensure set current is always equal to the true current
  • AC frequency and balance control to optimise weld pools
  • electrode preheating
  • DC pulsed TIG welding
  • DC micro pulse to minimise heat effected zones, especially on thin sheets; and
  • energy save modes.
Suitable materials for AC TIG welding include aluminium, aluminium alloys and magnesium alloys. Stainless steel, mild steel and copper alloys are appropriate for DC welding.

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