ERW Engineering News

Backlash compensation provided by disc springs from ERW Engineering
22.05.2007 - Disc springs from ERW Engineering are often used to compensate for geometric tolerances in component assemblies.
Energy storage for safety systems
21.05.2007 - In hydraulic spring mechanisms, energy storage is often achieved by means of a disc spring stack.
Quick-action stop valves available from ERW Engineering
18.05.2007 - In quick-action stop valves the disc spring stack is hydraulically preloaded when in the open position.
Preassembled spring stacks available from ERW Engineering
17.05.2007 - Spring stacks are used for boiler suspension systems.
Mubea’s innovative technological skill
15.05.2007 - Highly qualified technicians and engineers work continuously at Mubea to improve Mubea’s products and to provide solutions to the challenges of the future.
Disc spring from ERW Engineering
19.02.2007 - ERW Engineering’s disc spring find application in diverse areas.
ERW Engineering launches disc spring applications
16.02.2007 - Disc spring function: In a turbine application, the generator is supported by two stacks of disc springs. The spring stacks are used to compensate for uneven loading of the generator, which is a result of the torque generated from the load input.
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