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Mubea’s innovative technological skill

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Highly qualified technicians and engineers work continuously at Mubea to improve Mubea’s products and to provide solutions to the challenges of the future.

Their success is shown by the fact that the products bearing the brand name Mubea today are supplied to all automobile manufacturers around the world. Mubae, as a globally operating company, is represented in all continents.

The demands made by the automotive industry are becoming ever greater, particularly in the areas of safety, reliability, driving comfort, reduction in fuel consumption, environmental friendliness and customer service.

These are all areas where Mubea products have significant influence. Mubea has achieved success in these areas through the development of high-tech products: the name Mubea today stands for competence in the areas of lightweight, fuel efficiency and package space reduction.

Thus, within a few years Mubea has for example been able to halve the weight of suspension springs and stabiliser bars. With flexible rolling in chassis and body parts Mubea can achieve a weight reduction of up to 40%.

Today Mubea is seeking answers to tomorrow’s problems. This is shown, on the one hand, by technological innovative solutions like side load springs, assembled intermediate and camshafts, flexible rolled bodywork and chassis components, and on the other hand, by selective investment in the development of system components and pre-assembled components.

In this way, Mubea reduces development costs and assembly times for the customers. The result of Mubea’s work means that Mubea is placed better in the international automotive market.

For many products Mubea is one of the market leaders. Mubea’s products are available from ERW Engineering. The key to success is Mubea’s innovative technological skill.

The result is a steady growth in sales and a positive trend in the number of Mubea’s employees, one third of them in its locations outside Germany.

Further confirmation of the work and level of quality of Mubea’s company is in the numerous awards it has achieved.

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