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ERW Engineering launches disc spring applications

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Power generation

Disc spring function: In a turbine application, the generator is supported by two stacks of disc springs. The spring stacks are used to compensate for uneven loading of the generator, which is a result of the torque generated from the load input.

Quick-action stop valves

In quick-action stop valves, the disc spring stack is under hydraulic preload in the open position. If a failure occurs, the hydraulic pressure drops, releasing the spring stack and closing the valve. Ball bearing centered stacks is often used for this application.

The spring stack also has a self-adjusting function. The stack adjusts for the set-loss of gaskets, reducing required maintenance.

Energy storage for safety systems

The Disc Spring stack is used as a source of mechanically stored energy. The spring stack is hydraulically compressed through system pressure when the switch is open. In case of hydraulic pressure loss, the spring stack extends, closing the switch. The Disc Spring stack is ERW Engineering.

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