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article image The MemoCal 2000 with optional extras.

THE ERO MemoCal 2000 from ERO Australia is a process calibrator accurate to within 0.015%.

This lightweight hand-held calibrator has been developed to solve two different and coexisting customer needs: field calibration (maintenance) and laboratory calibration (maintenance, quality control, process simulation, training, etc.).

The field calibration requires small dimensions, no additional accessories, long battery life, ergonomy, friendly interface, low temperature drift, high noise immunity and simple programming capabilities

The laboratory calibration requires digital interface to data loggers or supervision and control systems, large range of I/O capabilities, high accuracy and stability over time.

The Memocal 2000 can measure and simulate all common types of thermocouple, RTD, mV, voltage, mA and resistance signals. Double linearisation standards are provided for thermocouples and RTD.

The calibrator has a very low temperature drift of 0.1μV/°C. It is powered from standard AA size batteries with standby mode for long battery life. It has an in-built bi-directional RS-232 interface for remote programming and data recording by personal computer.

Advanced features include autoranging during measurement and generation, square root extraction and quadratic signal generation and programmable scaling for mA, mV and V measurement and generation.

A built-in 24V dc power supply for 2-wires transmitter excitation and measurement is provided. For exact thermocouple measurement requirements a programmable external cold junction compensation value can be set.

Direct connection for all input types (no special connectors are required for thermocouple inputs). Peak and valley data hold functions are also provided.

For commissioning and batch testing, up to 50 program steps (ramp, soak and step function) are available to create one or more programs. While two dry contact logic inputs for program advance/wait allow user interfacing once the program has been started.

The user interface is a two row by 16 characters alphanumeric LCD display with timed back lighted display. An ergonomic front panel with numerical multi-function tactile keyboard and a menu driven display with parameters-naming capability allows user friendly programming and information gathering from the MemoCal 2000.

Options available include a calibrator cradle, recharger and RS232C/RS485 converter in a companion desk-top module and, for field work, a genuine leather protective case is available.

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