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Two stage light pipe conductor

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THE new variable length light conductor from Mentor, represented by ERNI Australia , makes this two-stage display particularly suitable for display panel applications.

Set onto CHIP LEDs, the light conductor replaces the need for SMD components or THT elements, reducing costs by increasing the rate at which circuit boards can be loaded.

With a width of 4.6mm, the display can be seamlessly assembled in rows using the standard spacing of 5.8mm. The light conductor spacing is also 5.8mm and is spaced 2.54mm from the circuit board.

The flexibility of the system is demonstrated by the size of the horizontal Light Conductor: with lengths from 2,5 to 20 mm, it can cover almost all space requirements. Standard lengths available are 2.5mm and 6mm.

This component also provides ESD protection without the need for any additional measures. With each additional millimetre in light conductor length, the ESD security of 6.5kV increases by approximately 1kV.

Its operating temperature is between -40°C and +80°C. The 2-stage display is so constructed that even mixed colours can be implemented without overlays.

By means of two press-in fasteners, the light conductor is firmly positioned onto the circuit board. Additional measures using tools or fixing materials are not necessary when loading the board.

Depending upon the board thickness and material, mounting holes of 1.5mm diameter are required.

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