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The ADM1220 stepper motor from Erntec

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The ADM1220 motor, from Erntec , offers 20 full-steps per revolution. Due to its optimum sinusoidal torque it is fully micro-stepping compatible.

This results in a precise resolution of up to 160 steps per revolution. Due to this feature, the motor has the ability to run precisely at low speeds. The useable speed range is therefore from below 10rpm to over 6000rpm.

Over the entire speed range the motor provides a useable output torque of over 1mNm. Boost capabilities help to increase the torque during critical phases of the motion. Rigidity is assured by a large shaft diameter of 1.5mm.

With this particular motor design ARSAPE offers a low cost alternative to more complex motion control systems in high precision optical tuning and other high precision motion applications.

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