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Streamlined assembly of complex backplanes

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article image EPC III for printed circuit boards.
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ERNI has introduced a completely automated EPC III (ERNI Press Centre third generation) is now available for rapidly fitting printed circuit boards with connectors, accommodating large and complex backplanes with hundreds of connectors and components.

Through its modular design, the EPC III can accurately press on power terminals (SVA), HM connectors (ERmet), ERmet ZD, DIN strips and more.

Features of the EPC III basic module include four to six seconds cycles per connector and a connector length of up to 250mm. The maximum printed circuit board size is 1200 x 600mm. The circuit board thickness is between 2mm and 10mm and the joining force in the range is between 8N to 120kN.

Connectors up to 180mm in length are fed from the packaging trays to the transport conveyors. A robot makes it possible to remove special connectors up to a length of 250mm from any packaging and to feed them.

Changeover elements such as guide rails, stoppers and light barriers of the feeder conveyors are designed to facilitate rapid adjustments to other connectors at any time.

The EPC III is equipped with a fitting head that can handle diverse changeover tools. Up to ten different changeover tools are located in one tool change station.

Several camera settings enable easy visual recognition of different connectors and any possible damage such as bent pins. Defective connectors are automatically rejected.

The fitting head proceeds to the correct position on the printed circuit board and presses in the connector with a force of 80kN (optional120 kN), while sensors continuously monitor the pressing force.

As a system supplier, ERNI focuses on backplane assembly with emphasis on large-scale circuit boards with high-density connectors.

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