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Press-fit version of vertical D-sub connector

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ERNI, represented in Australia by Erntec Pty Ltd , is now offering a press-fit version of its vertical D-subminiature (D-sub) series, which is part of the redesign of its complete family of D-sub connectors. The new part joins Erni's surface-mount technology (SMT) and through-hole-reflow (THR) versions of its right-angle male and female D-sub connectors.

The new press-fit D-sub connectors are available in a 6.3-mm format with 9, 15, 25 or 37 positions. The contacts are plated in the mating area to meet IEC 807-3 / DIN 41652 requirements and tin-plated in the termination area. The front metal shield meets EMC requirements.

The new generation of D-sub connectors is suitable for conventional tin/lead applications and lead-free applications, which will be mandatory from July 2006 onward.

A metal mounting bracket relieves strains arising from plug insertion, removal and cable handling. The integrated locking hardware accessories ensure low-resistance ground connection and reliable fastening of cable housings to the connector.

There are versions available with inset nuts (M3 or 4#40 UNC thread), with locking bolts (M3 or 4#40 UNC), or with clearance through holes. The locking hardware accessories are integrated and protected against rotation.

Press-fit clips provide the standard means of strain relief to the circuit board, while also providing a path to ground. For handling higher forces, screw locks with M3 and 4#40 UNC threading are available.

The PCB layout of the new press-fit D-subs can accept Erni's THR and conventional wave soldering versions.

The vertical press-fit D-subs are part of Erni’s comprehensive line up of newly designed D-sub plug connectors. Several changes offer improved functionality. For example, the modular design makes it possible to inexpensively generate many varieties to meet a wide spectrum of applications.

The new D-sub connectors are available immediately.

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