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New series circular connectors from Erntec

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Since the end of the '80s, the trend of integrating more and more electronics and intelligence in machines has rapidly gained momentum.

Whereas before, only controls in a switch cabinet regulated actuator or sensor systems by way of so-called I/O cards, today there is an increasing number of intelligent field devices outfitted with local I/Os and connected to the switch cabinet via a fieldbus or even have the entire control system on board.

Up until this point in time, M8 and M12 connectors were only referred to and used as sensor connectors. The open end of the sensor cable was routed in the switch cabinet and wired there.

Today, sensors and actuators in the field frequently are connected to a passive I/O box or one with fieldbus capability.

The harsh influences of the environment on these boxes make proven and, particularly, tightly sealed (IP 65/67) connectors a necessity.

As such, it only made sense to use the M8 or M12 connector systems here as well, which already had established themselves in the field of sensor technology.

Meanwhile, the M12 connector also is recommended as a fieldbus connector for almost all field bus applications. To make sure that nothing gets mixed up, there are a series of codes for assistance.

ERNI, the known specialist for printed circuit board connectors, has seized an opportunity. Today, there are still an insufficient number of connector types for these boards.

As field devices are specific, a wide variety of flexible modular connectors is required in order to implement these applications with as little effort and expense as possible.

PCB connectors:

ERNI has developed such a modular system with M8/12 connectors that is fully flexible in application and has SMT connections that are so robust that bulk packaging and feeding are possible.

The connector has also been designed for tape-on-reel packaging. The concept allows connectors to be produced at various heights and with different pin configurations.

The black insulator is made of high-temperature plastic, and is suitable for soldering with all the usual SMT soldering procedures.

The new M8/M12 connectors available from Erntec are designed for lead-free processing, which is mandatory since July 2006. Especially cost cutting by reduction of printed circuit board surface is achieved.

In specific applications, two printed circuit boards can be replaced by one. A pick and place pad for females is not required while using a gripper or special pipette.

Cable assemblies:

As a completion to the product portfolio ERNI Electronics also offers cable assemblies for the connection of sensors/ actuators or other automation systems devices such as I/O distribution boxes.

The standard product range covers pre-assembled, over-moulded circular connectors of sizes M8 and M12 either as interconnection of two circular connectors or as a cord set having an open end of line.

In addition, the portfolio comprises field-attachable connectors for tool-less cable termination, T-coupler, panel feed-throughs and adapter for quick and cost-efficient connection in the field.

ERNI extends the variety with different cable qualities that meet versatile industrial requirements and therefore are applicable for a wide range of use.

PVC as a competitive and economic solution or PUR (UL/CSA approved), halogen-free and UV resistant, for highly demanding applications in drag chains and harsh environments where operational reliability is crucial.

Innovative product features like the self-securing screw locking guarantee vibration-proof and secure connection.

The coupling nut additionally combines a knurled surface with a spanner flat suitable for standard wrenches.

Different configurations, designs and codings are available from stock. All parts meet IP67 requirements (IEC 60529) to ensure protection against dust and water immersion.

ERNI’s pre-assembled cable assemblies use standard-wise two cable qualities in five different lengths.

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