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Microdrive system Ø 1.9mm available from Erntec

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Microdrive system Ø 1.9 mm is a small Motor and Planetary Gearhead Ø 1.9mm produced in series for demanding microdrive applications. The Microdrive system Ø 1.9mm is available from Erntec .

The objective of this development is to open up an entirely new field of applications, which were previously out of reach due to the lack of suitable subminiature drive components.

A new innovative microdrive system, which has a diameter of only 1.9mm and achieves a greater performance, is available. The Micro Planetary Gearhead provides the drive with torque capability that considerably exceeds its own moment of friction. The Brushless DC-Micromotor is controlled by an external electronic circuit.

The Microdrive system Ø 1.9mm is used in typical applications such as medical instruments, laser tools, lens and prism positioning, analytic instrumentation and scanning devices, where tiny size and low energy consumption are key factors.

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